youtube marketing course in bangladesh


    youtube marketing course in bangladesh

    youtube marketing course in Bangladesh

    It is possible to increase the engagement and reach of business, brand or hobby channel without spending money on YouTube. But you have to pay attention to many small things to get good results. You can master these things from this course.

    Course Content

    1. (F) Pre-Course Survey
    2. Why YouTube Marketing?
    3. Creating A YouTube Channel
    4. YouTube Channel Settings
    5. Uploading Video on YouTube
    6. YouTube Video Curation
    7. Power of YouTube Playlist
    8. YouTube Channel Trailer
    9. YouTube feature channel & custom URL
    10. YouTube Studio
    11. YouTube Analytics
    12. YouTube Video Editor (trim, sound track)
    13. YouTube Video Chapter
    14. YouTube Premier
    15. YouTube Story
    16. YouTube Live
    17. YouTube Community (pin comment, block link)
    18. YouTube channel Monetization
    19. YouTube Channel SEO
    20. Which YouTube Videos Become More Popular
    21. Tips for High Performing YouTube Video
    22. YouTube Policy and Copyright Issues
    23. Get More YouTube Views and Subscribers
    24. YouTube Creator Academy
    25. (F) User Feedback on This Course

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