Why do social media marketing?


    Why do social media marketing?

    Why do social media marketing?

    There is a saying that even if Dheki goes to the sergeant, it looks like paddy, the entrepreneurs are a lot like Dheki. They always think of business and its expansion. The greatest virtue of a successful entrepreneur is that he does not stop, he is always busy to solve problems. And when there is no problem, he is busy with new experiments. And because of this nature, many small startups in the world have grown a lot today. New ideas have been generated.

    Other social media including Facebook is a crop of such ideas. Today we can't think of our life without social media. There are about 75 lakh Facebook users in Bangladesh and this number is increasing rapidly. So if you have enough buyers without social media, you should still look at social media marketing. It can increase your business exponentially. And if you do not have enough buyers, then online marketing can be a good way to get enough buyers at low cost.

    What could be your goal from a marketing context?

    Increase the profile of your product and organization.

    Encourage people to come to your business or website.

    Show them the good side of your product.

    Sell ​​your product.

    Build a good relationship with the buyer so that they can re-purchase the product.

    Arrange for the buyer to appreciate your organization / product to his acquaintances.

    Delivering your new products or special offers to your buyers or potential buyers.

    And last but not least, the headline made you read this article.

    Also small big you can have many more goals. Your goals, plans and execution may vary depending on the type and size of the business. Here are some reasons why you might want to use social media marketing.

    What is social media?

    By social media we mean an online platform where we can create and share a variety of or a specific type of content with our virtual network. Where we have virtual friends or followers who can interact with our content. Examples of social media platforms are Facebook, Instagram, TickTock, etc.

    How can social media marketing play a role in your business or career?

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    1) Increase acquaintance

    One of the main purposes of any marketing campaign is to increase the profile of a product or organization. Promoting new offers. Finding buyers from all possible fields. Whether your business is small or large, the success of the business depends a lot on how well known you are. The more familiar you are, the more likely you are to find a buyer. And if you want to get in touch you need to be active where your potential buyer is present. In the context of Bangladesh, social media is more popular than TV, radio and newspapers, and as its popularity grows, it is easy to assume that it will surpass all others or become more popular.

    You can check the data given below to check the popularity of Facebook.

    Facebook currently has 2.6 billion active users (2021).

    200 million businesses are currently active on Facebook (2021).

    75% of Facebook users are under 35 years of age.

    98.3% people use Facebook mobile app.

    Facebook users worldwide use Facebook an average of 19.5 hours per month.

    7% of American marketers advertise on Facebook.

    6% of Americans buy a product after seeing a product ad on Facebook.

    2) Create communication

    You've got a lot of contacts, some buyers, but that doesn't mean you're done or successful. Although the first step of the work is completed, the most important work you have to do now. And that is to maintain contact with the buyer. Find out if they are satisfied with your product or service. Asking them if they have any complaints or suggestions. Or if they are having any problems with any of your products and services and if so what kind. If you can't figure out the answers and if you can't figure out the solution then no matter how many campaigns you run, your business won't last long. And the easiest way to get these answers is through social media. Because people are more comfortable writing than complaining on the phone or face to face. The same thing happens with praise. Again, writing on social media can take a lot of time, which is not possible in other mediums. So it would be wrong to use social media only for propaganda. Social media should be used as a means of communication with the buyer or potential buyer.

    3) Viral promotion

    People love to share, this is even more true in the case of social media. What people did all day, how they did it, where they did it from, such incidents are most shared. You just have to be more discriminating with the help you render toward other people. To give an example, an unlimited pizza was arranged for one person at the Pizza Hut during Iftar during the month of Ramadan for 600 rupees. Many may not have known this news. Give it a status, "I ate 4 pizzas at the pizza market for 800 rupees today, hurray!" No need to worry, 30-40 new people will get this information even if it is less than your friend list.

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